TVGuardian HD Model 501 – Foul Language TV and DVD Profanity Filter

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The TVGuardian automatically detects and filters profanity and other offensive phrases while you watch movies or television shows.How It Works:The TVGuardian monitors the hidden closed-captioning signal in your video and compares those words to it’s database of offensive words and phrases. When an offensive word is detected it mutes the sound for the sentence and displays a replacement text on the screen.Works GREAT with:Dish Network (Hopper & Joey)*DirecTV (Genie & Genie Mini)*Xfinity (X1)*ppg

  • Easily connects between your HD TV and HD satellite, HD cable, U-verse, FiOS, DirecTV, Dish Network, Xfinity, 1080p Upconverting DVD Player, Tivo HD (up to two connections)
  • Seven Filter Settings: Tolerant, Moderate, Strict, Off, And Word Specific Control For: D**m and H**l, Religious Programming, Sexual References
  • Choose from four different quick-change Audience Settings: Kids, Family, Parents, and Others
  • No Annual or Reoccurring Fees and One Year Limited Manufactures Warranty
  • Online streaming like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or Hulu is NOT supported.