Premium Component HDTV (High Definition/ HD) Video & RCA Stereo AV Cable with SPDIF Audio Out for Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Slim [Gray, 6Ft Long, TV/HDTV Switch]

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Product Description
The NuLink presents HD audio video AV cable for Xbox 360 & Xbox 360 Slim. This cable is highest quality component cable. Player can enjoy the best possible graphics for your Xbox 360. Connect to your HDTV (High-Definition TV) or EDTV (Enhanced-Definition TV) and enjoy the most stunning graphics available from your xBox 360 via 480p resolution Specifications
Connection Type: Audio/ Video Cable
Connector: Xbox 360 AV Plug to Component Y/Pr/Pb, L channe

  • All in one Solution for high definition and standard TV
  • Resolution cable adjust from 720p to 1080i, with progressive-scan DVD playback in 480p
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound output
  • Component (Y, Pr, Pb) HD video output plug
  • Gray, 6ft long shielded cable, Note: Item is not manufactured by Microsoft.